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Xiaomi Mi Smart Microwave Oven arrives in PH for PHP 3,995!

Xiaomi has just launched the Mi Smart Microwave Oven in the Philippines. It is the company's own smart oven highlighting a microcrystalline heating plate, 20L capacity, and voice control.
Xiaomi Mi Smart Microwave Oven arrives in PH for PHP 3,995!
Mi Smart Microwave Oven

The "Smart Microwave Oven"

Mi Smart Microwave Oven has 700W firepower. It uses Toshiba's magnetron with a quick start and a microwave expander to impro e food heating efficiency.
Advanced modes
Advanced modes

It also has 7 layers of heavy protection to prevent external emission and keep users safe from any harmful waves.

Xiaomi also claimed that it can maintain the natural characteristics of the ingredients. For example, it can keep the natural taste of the meat and it has smart firepower adjustment for targeting different meat types.

It also has fast heating mode, 3 thawing modes, 11 pre-installed recipes, 2 sterilization modes, 9 heating mode, and smart control.

It measures at 447 x 281 mm.

Price and availability

The Mi Smart Microwave Oven is now available in all Authorized Mi Stores in the country for PHP 3,995.

To know where to buy it, read here.

Source: Xiaomi
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