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DOTr to Angkas: There can be no monopoly in the Motorcycle Ride-Hailing Service

In response to Angkas' claim that over 17,000 riders are at risk of losing their jobs, DOTr (Department of Transportation) has written an "open letter" on Facebook.
DOTr to Angkas: There can be no monopoly in the Motorcycle Ride-Hailing Service
File photo: DOTr logo

To prevent monopoly

Directed to Mr. George Royeca, DOTr said that it is not true that the 17,000 riders will be dispatched. On the contrary, for transparency, the riders will have an option to choose employment/partnership terms either from Angkas, or JoyRide and Move It, the two other participants in the program.

DOTr also stated that "It is quite unfortunate that ANGKAS has made a public spectacle, and has resorted to emotional blackmail in its attempt to cement its foothold on this transport service."

DOTr added that there is a need for more drivers. Recently, the Technical Working Group (TWG) has recommended increasing the pilot run participants to 39,000 from the current 27,000 now in place.

The move by the government's transportation department was designed to prevent monopoly and to promote healthy competition among service providers to ensure that the commuter can avail of the best choice. It is for the best interest of the riding public in mind.

DOTr further stressed that:

We wish to reiterate that the Motorcyle Taxi Service program is still on PILOT RUN basis, and that you still do not have an official transport franchise. We are extending the Pilot Run as we deem it necessary to give us the opportunity to fully assess the program and how best it will serve the commuter.

Your participation is a privilege that the government has extended, and it should not be construed as a right to impose or demand monopolistic provisions that will be detrimental to the program in the long run.

To recall, the cap of Angkas has been reduced to 10,000 from 27,000 as new players JoyRide and Move It is entering the motorcycle taxi game.

It resulted in an appeal by Angkas to the public to help them keep the jobs of its bikers.

To read DOTr's full statement, click here.
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