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Globe At Home will continue to connect more Filipino homes in the future

Senior Vice President and Head of Broadband Business Martha Sazon discussed how Globe at Home products played its role in digital transformation in the Philippines during AfricaCom 2019. 
Globe At Home will continue to connect more Filipino homes in the future
Martha Sazon discussed the business case at AfricaCom 2019

Digital transformation starts at home

Martha Sazon presented the case in which prepaid Internet infiltrated developing places like the Philippines and South Africa, at an increasing rate. It was also added that Globe’s strategy on the broadband network and prepaid home internet served as one of the stimulants for the digital transformation here. 

She also shared that the Philippines is small but highly social and connected. We Are Social’s PH Internet 2019 report indicated that Filipino’s internet usage is 71 percent versus the 57 percent global benchmark.

For social media usage, it is also 71 percent against the global benchmark of 45 percent. Sazon further remarked, Internet at home in the Philippines is commonly used for entertainment and life enablement. For instance, moms now go online for their home businesses like reselling products from e-commerce platforms such as Lazada. The youth, on the other hand, use the Internet as a "life-hack" tool for acquiring skills such as learning to code or even getting access to job opportunities.

On the other hand, a large percentage of Filipinos do not have Internet access at their own homes as only 20 percent is reported to have internet access. This can be due to a lack of cheaper home Internet packages in the market and limited in-home coverage since the majority of homes that are not digitally connected belong to lower socio-economic segments.

Globe launched Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi in 2017, the first home prepaid Internet device in the country to address the said problems. Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi is an affordable plug-and-play reloadable device that said to be twice as fast as and wider in coverage than the typical pocket WiFi. Aside from that, prepaid customers also received free 10GB of data upon device activation. This can be conveniently consumed by up to 6 devices for the price of PHP 1,499 only.

By introducing this home prepaid internet device increased the Globe’s subscribers by almost twice so it leads to the birth of the Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid. This product is claimed to be the world's first all-in-one device that serves as a Prepaid WiFi device, Android TV, digital free TV box and karaoke-ready machine.

All can be afforded for a one-time payment of PHP 2,999.

Globe at Home has a goal to connect 2M households through high-speed internet by 2020.

To know more about Globe at Home check its official Facebook page.
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