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You can turn off "Content Recommendations" on realme phones

Realme has recently announced its plans to introduce recommendations in ColorOS 6. It will promote apps and commercial links in the Phone Manager app of the OS to provide extra revenue to the company.
You can turn off "Content Recommendations" on realme phones
File photo: realme XT

Basically, realme will introduce ads but you can turn it off if you wish

Some may find these ads annoying and realme knows that. To avoid outrage from fans, realme will provide its users with an easy option to turn off the ads in seconds.

How to turn off "Content Recommendations" on realme phones?

How to turn off recommendations
How to turn off recommendations

All you need to do is go to the Settings -> Additional Settings -> Get Recommendations and switch the green toggle on and off.

Realme said that the recommendations will "offer more surprises to users and maintain a healthy and sustainable business model". But, the company will also ensure the protection of your privacy and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Realme phones with ColorOS 6 and above (the upcoming ColorOS 7) will get the recommendation update.

To read the company's full statement, click here.
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