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Watch: OPPO's prototype phone with Under-Screen Camera! No ports!

Right after the OPPO APAC Hub Center launch in Malaysia, the mobile giant brought us to the experience zone where the company showcased some of its new and upcoming tech and innovations.
Selfie camera under the screen?

Future smartphone trend?

The selfie camera is not visible if you have a dark wallpaper
The selfie camera is not visible if you have a dark wallpaper

One of them is a new prototype of a future smartphone with an Under-Screen camera solution.

The handset that OPPO demoed in Malaysia looks to be a more commercial-ready phone than the boxed prototype of a phone with USC tech that the company showed back in June.

Basically, it wowed me and others. Easily, it is one of the most impressive innovations that might be a trend to commercially available phones by next year.

OPPO made this tech to make an all-screen phone with no notch without the need of using a pop-up camera to have a selfie camera.

The selfie camera sensor is neatly hidden under the display of the handset and even if the selfie camera is in use, it is hardly noticeable. You will only see it from certain angles if a light source will hit it or if you will use a bright wallpaper.

The selfie camera quality is still not that great though. It is still a bit hazy for me. But, let us not forget that it is a prototype device. Meaning it is still under the development process. OPPO assured us that the commercial unit will come with clearer selfie output.

No traditional buttons, no ports

Sleek back
Sleek back

The device reminded us of the new Reno designs. But the unit that they showed us has no ports and traditional buttons anymore. Instead, it has capacitive buttons that are touch sensitives to serve as a power button or a volume rocker.
No ports, no buttons
No ports, no buttons

For the ports? It doesn't have ports to insert a wired headphone or a cable to charge the device or transfer files. The alternative? Wireless solutions.
Fast wireless charger
Fast wireless charger

OPPO also made sure that it won't be a slow type of wireless charging, unlike previous generation solutions. The company has developed a 30W VOOC wireless charger. In comparison, it is at least 6x faster than the stock 5W charger on your iPhone.

For file transfer, you will have to use the cross-brand file transfer protocol developed  Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo.

For the specs? The prototype unit showed that it has 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage. It doesn't have a fingerprint sensor so we can expect that OPPO used an AMOLED panel.

When will we see this tech?

OPPO hasn't mentioned anything about its launch date yet, but there are speculations that the upcoming OPPO Find X 2020 flagship phone might come with the USC tech.

One thing is for sure, I'm excited about this innovation.
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