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Samsung Philippines shares how Smart Oven can be used for Noche Buena dishes

During the Christmas season, a lot of Filipinos find it difficult to cook and prepare several dishes for their loved ones and visitors. 
Samsung Smart Oven

Samsung said that its Smart Oven can be of so much use during this kind of special occasion since it has a lot of functions.

Samsung Smart Oven as an all-in-one kitchen partner

The most awaited meal during the holidays is the Noche Buena but many Pinoys nowadays resort to food deliveries and instant meals because of convenience. However, Samsung claims that home-cooked meals can also be prepared in a fast and hassle-free manner with its latest Smart Oven. 
A multi-purpose kitchen device
A multi-purpose kitchen device

These Samsung Smart Ovens are designed for those people who prefer healthy but delicious meals that can be served whatever the occasion is. As mentioned, it has many uses since it works like a convection oven, and a microwave oven too. Not only that, but these ovens are also suitable for baking, grilling, slim frying, defrosting, steaming, and even making yogurt.

For every purchase of MC32 or MC35 Samsung Smart Oven, you will get a Do-it-All Cookbook until December 31, 2019. In this cookbook, you can find mouthwatering recipes that are easy to prepare. Some of the examples of these dishes that can be prepared for the holidays are the following: Baked Baby Back Ribs with Coleslaw, Parmesan Crusted Baked Salmon, Chicken Parmigiana with Roasted Tomato Sauce, and Easy Baked Apple Cobbler.
It can also whip up great desserts like this apple cobbler
It can also whip up great desserts like this apple cobbler

Samsung refrigerator series

Aside from the Smart Ovens, Samsung also has a refrigerator series that features innovative technologies. One of these technologies is SPACEMAX that means thinner walls compared to typical refrigerators. 
Side by Side No Frost Space Max Interior
Side by Side No Frost Space Max Interior

Meanwhile, Flexzone technology preserves the ideal freshness of various kinds of food. These Samsung refrigerators are said to make sure that the ingredients and leftovers during holidays are appropriately stored.
3-Door Side by Side No Frost Space Max Interior w/ Flexzone
3-Door Side by Side No Frost Space Max Interior w/ Flexzone

To know more about Samsung’s Smart Oven, click here. You can also know more about its latest refrigerator lineup by clicking here.

What are the features of these Samsung appliances that can be perfect for your Noche Buena cooking?
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