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POCOPHONE not dead, will stage a 2020 comeback

On Twitter, head of POCOPHONE Alvin Tse replied to several Mi fans signaling the state of the brand.
File photo: Alvin Tse POCOPHONE head

POCO 2020 comeback

He said "You will hear more from POCO in 2020" suggesting that the brand is still alive and they are preparing something for its fans next year.

To recall, the first and only release of Xiaomi's sub-brand is the POCOPHONE F1 back in August 2018. Due to its best-in-class specs (flagship-grade at that time) affordable mid-range price tag, it gained a massive following.

But despite the clamor from fans, it didn't have a follow-up.

In the Philippines, one of Xiaomi's distributors said it will "no longer sell POCOPHONES". Instead, they suggest getting the Mi 9T.

Tse's Tweet will probably give hope to a lof of POCO fans in the world. Let's just hope that they can come up with something really big to shake the market once more next year.

So, what are your expectations? Do you think that POCO will really stage a comeback next year?

Source: Alvin Tse
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