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Lawmaker aims to ban use of phones for teens in schools

A lawmaker has a new proposed bill that seeks to ban students 15 years old and younger from using smartphones and other electronic devices in both public and private schools.
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Designed to address the worsening mental health crisis among youth and more

A report from ABS-CBN News said that it is designed "to address the worsening mental health crisis among the youth."

Championing the proposal is Florida Robes, the San Jose Del Monte City Representative. He claimed that "many studies had shown that children who are allowed to use their phones and gadgets even during school hours exhibit psychological, physiological and mental health issues."

Robles also noted that gadgets interfere with education, diminish academic performance, promote cyberbullying and contribute to an increase in teenage anxiety, depression, and suicide.

The lawmaker cited a 2015 study in the London School of Economics and Political Science that test scores showed improved scores after banning the use of prohibiting phones in schools.

He added that in France there is a nationwide smartphone ban in all primary and middle schools in order to promote pupil achievement and healthy society development.

Based on the proposed law, all mobile devices or gadgets brought inside the school must be surrendered to school authorities until class dismissal.

Under "exceptional circumstances" like emergency cases, the lawmakers said teenagers will be allowed to use phones.

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Sources: ABS-CBN, Philstar
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