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Sophos announced improvements to Cloud Optix cloud security

Sophos has recently unveiled improvements to Cloud Optix that simplifies cloud security. It includes better detection and response to cloud security vulnerabilities.
Sophos Cloud Optix now improved
Sophos Cloud Optix now improved

Sophos Cloud Optix Advancements

Cloud Optix now automates and simplifies the detection and response of cloud security vulnerabilities as well as misconfigurations to reduce risk exposure. It is also now more manageable through the unified cloud-based Sophos Central platform. This platform can also work with Sophos' endpoint, network, mobile, WiFi, email, and encryption products. Sophos Central also provides real-time information sharing and threat response for improved threat detection and response times.

Cloud Optix aims to fill the need for cloud security through unmatch visibility into risky blind spots. It uses AI to automate the detection of cloud architecture weak spots and wrong configurations. This allows security teams to gain complete visibility into everything they have in the cloud as well as deploy threat response in minutes.

Some of the Cloud Optix improvements include accelerated threat investigation with Amazon Detective support, Kubernetes security vulnerabilities identification, cloud spend abnormalities detection, unintended public and cross-account access detection, and secure cloud traffic.

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