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5 reasons to try the A&S 32" S200 SLIM HD LED TV

The slimmer, the better? This saying seems to apply to almost every appliance nowadays since many prefer to save the limited space they have at their home. 
5 Reasons to try the A&S 32" S200 SLIM HD LED TV

The good thing is that A&S 32" S200 SLIM HD LED TV Surround Sound does not only fit this criterion but also delivers well both in the visual and audio experience.

Let’s take a quick look at some quite admirable features of this slim TV from A&S:

Cinematic view and audio with A&S 32" S200 for less

1. Elegant appeal and sheeny design This A&S TV sports a polycarbonate body with the usual black color, it has a 32-inch LED screen at the front. There is an included TV stand with the screws needed to attach it to the appliance. 
More stability with improved TV stand
More stability with improved TV stand

The stand appears sufficiently stable to keep the TV from falling or sliding. Aside from that, they are quick and easy to assemble since the process is intuitive enough. Overall, this 32" TV can give your living room or bedroom, a utilitarian but tasteful appeal.

2. Full HD DisplaySlim bezels are really great for watching, whether on phone or on television. That's one of the factors why the display of A&S TV is attractive. But you can also consider that this can handle 366×768 pixel resolution, which is awesome for its price. 
Full HD Display for enjoyable viewing experience
Full HD Display for an enjoyable viewing experience

Depending on the media quality of what you are watching, this television can produce nice-looking and lively colors. Apart from that, these colors can be modified at the Picture Menu. There's an option among Dynamic, Mild, and Custom Setting.
Surround Sound Speakers
Surround Sound Speakers

3. Surround Sound and Signature Bass - Want to have an immersive experience when having a Netflix and chill session at the comfort of your own house? A&S S200 is equipped with surround speakers by and signature bass for a more immersive audio experience.
A&S Signature Bass
A&S Signature Bass

Aside from that, there are useful options included in the Sound Menu. One is that you can adjust the sound mode depending on what kind of media you are playing, either movie, music or sports. Hate lowering the volume during those annoying commercial breaks? Set the Auto Volume and let this TV adjust it for you.

4. Many choices for connectivity - Looking at the back view of this A & S TV, it is noticeable that this is designed with a lot of ports to choose from. This way, you can connect and enjoy it, since it has two USB 2.0 ports, 2 HDMI, 2 AUX ports, 1 VGA, and 1 RF input.
Many ways to connect the A&S S200 TV
Many ways to connect the A&S S200 TV

If the user has a TV box already, the HDMI connection would be the most suitable in order to achieve the TV's optimal performance.

5. Energy-saving features No one wants to have a huge electricity bill so this TV is designed to consume 45 watts as the maximum while other 32 " units can use 50-55 watts on an average.

Moreover, this A& S TV comes with practical attributes that can lower its consumption like sleep time, auto sleep, and an OSD timer.

Price and availability

This coming Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale, you can purchase this A&S 32" S200 SLIM HD LED TV from PHP 10,799 to just PHP 4,265. Click here to check the item on Shopee.

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What are your thoughts on the A&S S200 SLIM HD LED TV?
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