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Vivo patents quad punch-hole screen designs

Vivo has new interesting patent designs granted by the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration), phones with quad punch-hole screens.
Vivo patents quad punch-hole screen designs
Vivo patent designs

Quad punch-hole screen designs

First spotted by TigerMobiles, the patents showed that there's a total of three different designs that will sport multiple camera cutouts on the screen.

Design 1 looks a bit weird as it has four front-facing cameras on each corner of the screen. 

Design 2 and 3 are identical but different from each other. Both have dual cutouts in the left and right top corners of the screen. The difference is the design 2 has larger cutouts for the cameras with a black bar between them. On the other hand, design 3 has smaller cutouts.
 The back
The back

The back shows all 3 designs have a Vivo V15 Pro-like camera placement.

Apart from achieving a full-screen design with no notch, what's unclear now is what's the purpose of the four cameras in front especially the first design.

Let us also note that even if the patents have been granted, there is no guarantee if Vivo will make them an actual retail device.

All we can do now is wait and see.

CNIPA, Via: TigerMobiles
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