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Globe announces FREE old SIM to LTE SIM card replacements

Globe announced that there will be FREE LTE SIM card replacements for customers who are still using their old non-LTE SIM cards.
Upgrade your old Globe SIM card to an LTE one for free
Upgrade your old Globe SIM card to an LTE one for FREE

FREE Globe LTE SIM card replacements

This campaign is Globe's way of letting its customers experience modern and overall better mobile data service. Since December 18, 2019, Globe has been sending text messages to customers who continue to use their old and obsolete SIM cards. If you receive an SMS, you just need to go to your nearest Globe Store to get a SIM replacement.

This is a FREE service and you will get to keep your old number as well. To check if you have an old 3G SIM, you just have to text "SIM Check" to 8080. LTE network is faster which is beneficial to people who need fast data on the go as well as for gamers.

LTE is up to 10 times faster than 3G which means there are faster download speeds, faster webpage load times, as well as less to no buffering in terms of video streaming.

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