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HONOR 9X vs Redmi Note 8 Pro - Photography fight, 64MP is better?

We are back with another camera comparison and this time, it is a battle between the global HONOR 9X and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro.
HONOR 9X vs Redmi Note 8 Pro - Sony 48MP vs Samsung 64MP and more!
HONOR 9X vs Redmi Note 8 Pro

HONOR 9X vs Redmi Note 8 Pro Camera Specs

DeviceHONOR 9XRedmi Note 8 Pro
Back Camera48MP f/1.8 Sony IMX582 + 8MP f/2.4 120-degree ultra wide-angle + 2MP f/2.4 depth w/ LED flash64MP f/1.8 Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 w/ PDAF, EIS + 8MP f/2.2 120-degree ultra wide-angle + 2MP f/2.4 2cm macro + 2MP f/2.4 depth w/ LED flash
Selfie Camera
16MP f/2.2
20MP f/2.0 w/ AI portrait

At PHP 12,490, HONOR 9X is the company's newest camera-centric mid-range contender.
HONOR 9X vs Redmi Note 8 Pro
HONOR 9X pop-up selfie cam

It uses a triple-camera setup at the back starring the 48MP f/1.8 Sony IMX582 paired with an 8MP f/2.4 120-degree ultra-wide secondary camera and a 2MP f/2.4 depth sensor. In its pop-up module, you'll find a 16MP f/2.2 snapper.
20MP f/2.0 selfie cam
20MP f/2.0 selfie cam

On the other hand, the Redmi Note 8 Pro (starts at PHP 11,490) is one of the few to highlight the 64MP f/1.8 Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor. It is paired with the 8MP f/2.2 120-degree ultra-wide cam, 2MP f/2.4 2cm macro third cam, and a 2MP f/2.4 depth 4th cam. For selfies, it has a 20MP f/2.0 for selfies.
Both have AI scene detection tech

Both devices have their own AI scene detection methodology and night mode interpretation.
Xiaomi's camera interface
Xiaomi's camera interface

On paper, the Redmi Note 8 Pro boasts the bigger numbers. But, should never underestimate the power of a 48MP Sony sensor.

Let's see who will win!

Scene 1 - Daylight

In daylight, it is evident that the shot from the 9X is brighter with a wider range. But it doesn't automatically means that it is better. I like the contrast and details on the building from the Note 8 Pro shot. It has fewer artifacts as well.
100 percent crop
100 percent crop

The details on the building are sharper on the Note 8 Pro. It has better colors as well.
We tried its daylight performance in a different place and the output is similar. Both performed well. Again, 9X is brighter. But it is a bit violetish. I still prefer the Note 8 Pro shot here.

Scene 2 - Daylight ultra-wide
Using the secondary ultra-wide cam, we noticed that the Note 8 Pro shot is wider. Contrast and colors are better again. However, I won't blame you if you will pick the brighter shot from 9X. Even if it is a bit washed, it is more social media-ready.

The good thing here is both have decent wide cams and they aren't as distorted or soft versus other secondary cams.

Scene 3 - Indoor

The Redmi Note 8 indoor shot has slightly saturated colors. But it is still closer to the actual look of the ramen versus the HONOR 9X shot. The 9X shot is brighter again, but it looks soft and pale versus the Note 8 shot.
This time, the one with the more saturated shot is the 9X. However, the closer to natural colors is from the shot of the Note 8 Pro. It is evident that it has sharper details as well. The background blur is a bit nicer on the Note 8 Pro too.

Scene 4 - Indoor dim night mode
HONOR 9X and Redmi Note 8 Pro indoor night mode
HONOR 9X and Redmi Note 8 Pro indoor night mode

When you use the night mode for indoor shots, details are similar. It is impressive that both can take really detailed shots in dim lighting situations using their respective night modes. The slight color advantage goes to Xiaomi. 

Scene 5 - Low light
Even without the night mode, both performed decently. Thanks to their big sensor sizes with pixel binning tech. But, the output from the HONOR 9X is duller and softer. The output from the Note 8 Pro is sharper and brighter, but noisier. Just use the night mode.

Scene 6 - Night mode
Using the night mode, both performed much better in the dark. Exposure control is slightly better on the 9X. However, the Note 8 Pro still delivered the shot with crisper details, punchier colors, and slightly wide dynamic range. It showed a bit more colors in the leaves of the trees.
The next night shot using the night modes of both phones showed that the Redmi Note 8 Pro has the better exposure control, dynamic range, and details again.

Scene 7 - Ultra-wide low light

For wide shots, both don't have a night mode. The one who delivered a brighter output is HONOR. It is a bit soft, but not as noisy and dull as the shot from Note 8 Pro. Note 8 Pro got the details on the Christmas lights better though.

Scene 8 - Daylight selfie

For selfies, the Note 8 Pro has the larger 20MP f/2.0 sensor. But it isn't as wide as the shot from the 9X with 16MP f/2.2 snapper. The color on my face is paler on the Xiaomi as well. Details are about the same.

Using the default Portrait mode with Face beauty, I'm with team Redmi Note 8 Pro this time even if has the narrower field of view. it didn't make my face too soft and too bright. The edge detection is a bit more natural-looking as well.

Scene 9 - Indoor selfie
Once more, HONOR 9X did a fine job. It has a shot with more accurate-looking colors and contrast. I also like that it didn't make my face look a bit too beautified here.

Scene 10 - Low light selfie

The two failed to impress me in this scene. But I like the output on the Note 8 Pro this time better than the 9X. It delivered the shot with crispier details and truer colors. It is not as soft as the 9X shot.


Despite the lower megapixel sizes of its back and front cameras, the photography experience from the HONOR 9X is no slough. There are even times where you might want to pick the shot from its 48MP Sony sensor versus 64MP shots.

However, this comparison showed that the Redmi Note 8 Pro with a large 64MP quad-cam system at the back and 20MP selfie cam is still ahead for photography.

That's very impressive as the Note 8 Pro even has a more affordable starting price tag of PHP 11,490 versus the 12,490 of HONOR 9X.

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How about you guys? Who do you like better for taking photos?  
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