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Smart started deploying 5G-ready 4G SIMs in 2019, now with new packaging

A day ago, along with other local tech publications, team GIZGUIDE reported that 5G SIM cards are now available in several online marketplaces in the Philippines.
Smart started deploying 5G-ready 4G SIMs in 2019, now with new packaging
A Smart 5G-ready 4G SIM

In preparation for 5G!

However, not everyone is confident about the authenticity of the cards since there is no official announcement from Smart yet.

Today, we got a word from Smart's public affair team stating that the news about the 5G SIM cards is legit.

We started to deploy 4G SIMs that are 5G-ready last year. What's new is the packaging. We will soon provide people a simple test to find out if your 4G SIM is 5G ready. Future-proofing our SIMs is part of our step by step preparations for the launch of 5G later this year.  This is aligned with  preparations being done for rolling out 5G in our network as well as for making 5G handsets and devices that are certified for use in the Smart network available for customers interested in moving up to 5G, said PLDT and Smart Public Affairs Head Ramon R. Isberto

So most likely, a lot of who purchased 4G SIM cards from Smart last year already have 5G-ready SIMs.

While the 5G network of Smart is still on the rolling out stage, it is good to know that they now have 5G-ready SIMs in preparation for 5G, the next-generation connectivity.

And of course, PLDT and Smart are doing upgrades in preparation for 5G. 5G modems will be attached to 4G towers. So, are increasing the number of 4G towers too.

In 2019, PLDT and Smart allotted historic-high capital expenditure of PHP 78.4 billion to improve its services.

Smart has confirmed that it has started deploying 4G SIMs that are 5G-ready last year. What's new is the packaging. It is a part of the company's effort of future-proofing its SIM cards in preparation for 5G later this year.

Are you guys excited?
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