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Smart 5G-ready SIM cards spotted online, now available for sale in the Philippines!

Following Smart's recent announcement that Huawei and Ericsson will be the company's equipment suppliers for the commercial rollout of 5G in the first quarter of 2020, 5G-ready SIM cards have appeared in online stores in the Philippines.
Smart 5G-ready SIM cards spotted online, now available for sale in the Philippines!
Smart 5G-ready SIM cards with special numbers

5G SIM cards now available!

The Smart SIM cards with 5G-ready branding and the "Expand What's Possible" tagline were first spotted by our friends from Hungry Geeks at Facebook Marketplace, Shopee, and Lazada.

Upon checking, the price ranges from PHP 40 to as high as PHP 33,000 for special number SIM cards with quadruple lucky 7 or 8 numbers.

The cards with special numbers will be easier to remember and some wealthy personalities will definitely want it.

However, having a 5G-ready SIM doesn't guarantee that you will experience 5G speeds right off the bat.

First, your phone should be 5G-ready. Currently, there are no official phones in the country with 5G connectivity yet.

Second, Smart is still in the rolling out stage of 5G and it is not yet available for commercial use.

While the implementation of 5G will be way faster compared with 4G as it will just be attached to 4G towers, it will still take some time before it will be available to a lot of areas in the country.

But, this doesn't mean that this news is not exciting. This shows that Smart is serious in bringing the 5G with next-generation speeds and reliability in the Philippines.

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