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Google parent company Alphabet now worth USD 1 trillion

Reports reveal that conglomerate, Alphabet, now has a $1 Trillion market value.
Google's parent company achieves $1 Trillion market cap milestone, photo by Alphabet Wikipedia

Alphabet is the 4th US company to hit a market value of USD 1 Trillion

Alphabet is a company that runs everything Google branded. According to the market which closed on Thursday 16 January 2020, it has peaked at USD 1 trillion, effectively joining US companies Apple (USD 1.4 trillion) and Microsoft (1.3 trillion) in the trillionaires club.

Google is continually expanding beyond its core business namely Search, advertising, YouTube, and Android. It is making efforts to grow its Cloud business which is the company's 3rd largest market driver. 

An even bigger news comes from the signing of US and China's Phase 1 trade deal which will have a positive effect on US companies.

The highest ranking company in the world today in terms of market value is Saudi Aramco. The oil giant is currently worth USD 1.8 Trillion. Alphabet places 7th in the global market cap.

Source CNN
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