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Xiaomi PH unveiled its latest offerings for the start of 2020

We've just turned a new leaf as 2020 starts, and maybe it’s also a good time to replace the old with new and exciting ones. Xiaomi is right on time as it introduces its brochure some home tools, small appliances, and even wearables.
Xiaomi PH unveiled its latest offerings for the start of 2020
Xiaomi PH includes the Mi Wireless Photo printer in its latest brochure

Xiaomi offers new tools, mini appliances, and more this January!

This time of year might be perfect for some home renovations. The 2020 product catalog brings you innovative tools you can use for your fixing needs. Aside from those, some small appliances can make your home more comfortable.
A new electric screwdriver for minor renovations

Aside from this electric screwdriver, there's also an 8-in-1 screwdriver that is sold for PHP 990. To safely store your valuables, you can purchase the Mi Electronic Box for PHP 4,990.

Clean air is also a necessity nowadays, and Xiaomi offers two kinds of air filters that can be used inside your home or office. One is the Mi Air Purifier 2H that costs PHP 6,995 while the more powerful variant, the Mi Air Purifier 3H is sold for PHP 8,990.

The dust mite is also a common household problem, but it can be addressed by Mi Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner that is retailed for PHP 3,499. Another home appliance that is considered practical would be the Mi TDS Smart Water Pump. It has real-time quality testing but quite affordable at PHP 890. For entertainment, the mini projector is useful for movie time and this is available for PHP 24,995.
Mini Projector from Xiaomi
Mini Projector from Xiaomi

Xiaomi also brings innovative accessories that one might need for grooming or traveling. First on this list is the Xumei Electric Shaver which costs PHP 1,699. For those who have babies at home, there's a Mi Baby Hair Trimmer sold for PHP 990. The Mi Pill Remover is a practical tool for removing fluff on clothes, purchased at PHP 499.

Those who travel quite often will find the new luggage from Xiaomi interesting. There's a Mi Zipperless baggage that can make your items more secure, which starts with a price of PHP 3,495. The addition to this list is the Mi Classic Luggage 20" that is claimed to be suitable for short travels.

For the everyday commute, Mi Commuter Backpack is said to be water-resistant with an anti-theft feature. This bag costs PHP 1,495 only.

These newly released items are currently available in authorized kiosks and stores nationwide. Visit their website and official Facebook page for more details.

Which of these Xiaomi items do you find the most interesting?
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