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Citi PH announces PayAll, a mobile app for big payments

Earlier, Citi Philippines has introduced a new cashless option for settling big payments. With this, its clients can have safer, more convenient transactions, compared to paying thru cash or check.
Citi PH announces PayAll, a mobile app for big payments
Citi PH Cards and Loan Director Mukul Sukhani, Citi PayAll Product Lead Yumi Aromin and Citi PH CEO Aftab Ahmed

Paying dues with just a few taps on mobile phones

Consumers typically pay their payment dues by issuing a check or handling cash, and both methods can be time-consuming. Citi Philippines is resolving this issue as it launches Citi PayAll since this is a new way of paying for rent, school tuition fees, condo dues, insurance policies, and many others. 
Host Suzy Entrata led the discussion with Citi PH executives
Host Suzy Entrata led the discussion with Citi PH executives

Mukul Sukhani, Citi PH cards and loan director further emphasized the benefits of using PayAll. He added,

Imagine not having to fall in line to make payments or encash checks. With Citi PayAll, customers can use their credit cards to make big payments to local bank accounts by simply using their mobile phones. With the opportunity to earn reward points, they also get more value on their regular spending. Citi PayAll is a game-changer that can improve customer's quality of life while also providing them with great rewards.

As the first bank to offer this in the Philippines, Citi is encouraging its cardholders to use their credit cards for direct and smooth payments in any local bank. This results in more control and flexibility in payment options for them.

The process to avail the City PayAll for current credit cardholders is pretty simple. First, click the "Payment" tile on the Citi Mobile App. The next step will be choosing the purpose of this payment. Third, enter the necessary information: the payee's bank account name, destination bank, and payee's account number. 

Note that payments can be scheduled in two options, single or monthly recurring. However, schedules should be made at least seven days before the due date. The maximum limit per customer is PHP 200,000 per transaction, with a transaction fee of 3 percent. 

Additionally, Citi PayAll allows up to six transactions within a month up with up to 1M PHP total amount. Credit cardholders can settle payments with the same payee two times a month.

Citi Philippines also stated that cardholders can make their big cashless payments into exciting rewards. If a City Premier Miles credit cardholder utilized the PayAll app for paying rent, educational expenses and these totaled to PHP 60,000 per month, he/she can receive roughly 24,000 miles that don't expire. These miles or points are said to be sufficient for a flight upgrade or a roundtrip ticket from here to Singapore.

Moreover, Citi credit cardholders can enjoy up to PHP 1,800 in electronic gifts per month when they have six unique payments using the PayAll.

To discover more about Citi PayAll and its features, click this link.

What do you think about this new mobile app for banking?
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