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Huawei Sound X smart speaker announced

In Europe, Huawei launched a smart speaker dubbed as the Sound X to take on Amazon, Google, and Apple.
Huawei Sound X smart speaker announced
Huawei Sound X

Huawei's smart speaker

The speaker comes in an oval-shaped body with similarities with the Apple HomePod in terms of design. It has a colorful LED display on top, a glossy black colored body, and a 360-degree wraparound grille.

The Huawei Sound X is designed in 
partnership with French audio specialists Devialet. It can provide a 360-degree sound with up to 40kHz frequency range and a 60W dual-woofers with "Push-Push" technology to cancel out vibrations while still providing powerful bass.

The speaker also comes with NFC OneHome audio-sharing that can pair the speaker to the smartphone in just a tap. It also has gesture controls. Just place your hand on top of the Sound X and it will quiet down.

The speaker has its own Huawei assistant, but it only works in China. The company said that Alexa integration could come later.

The speaker will available in European countries such as 
Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.  Its price and release date are yet to be announced.

Sources: CNBC, TechRadar
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