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DxOMark: OnePlus 7T Pro scores 114 points

DxOMark has recently revealed the camera score of the OnePlus 7T Pro with a 48MP + 16MP + 8MP triple-camera setup.
DxOMark: OnePlus 7T Pro scores 114 points
OnePlus 7T Pro DxOMark

OnePlus 7T Pro scores 114 points

It achieved a photo score of 122 points for photos and 96 for videos or a total score of 114 points. The score is identical to the 114 points of the OnePlus 7 Pro despite the slight camera upgrade of the 16MP ultra-wide cam now with 2.5cm macro mode for super close-up shots.
DxOMark score breakdown of OnePlus 7T Pro
DxOMark score breakdown of OnePlus 7T Pro

DxOMark noted that 7T Pro has a lower noise score than the 7 Pro, but it has a higher score for the Night and Wide scores. The video score of the older OnePlus 7 Pro is higher than the 7T Pro as well.

Compared with other phones, the OnePlus 7T Pro failed to enter the top 10 of the camera rankings. But, its 114 total points is still higher than other more expensive 2019 flagships such as the Galaxy S10+, Pixel 4, and iPhone 11.

Despite being a very incremental upgrade over the OnePlus 7 Pro, the 7T Pro is a capable smartphone. Its imaging scores put it soundly in the upper echelons of our database, and its results rarely disappoint. Overall image quality is very good, with accurate exposure, generally pleasant color, and strong detail.

Though the 7T Pro shares most of its predecessor's hardware design, OnePlus appears to have tweaked some algorithms that have produced some differences in output. Most noticeably, HDR processing is more aggressive in the 7T Pro, improving highlight retention and delivering better-balanced output overall, despite producing occasionally overcooked results. The imaging pipeline is now biased towards a warmer color rendering in both stills and video, which looks nice when it works out, but can create a yellow cast when it doesn't. Video takes a small step back, dropping two points compared to the 7 Pro, but remains generally very good.

While there's no reason to move from the 7 Pro to the 7T Pro in terms of camera image quality, buyers ready to trade up from older handsets should definitely consider the latest flagship from OnePlus.

In PH, the OnePlus 7T Pro is available at Digital Walker for PHP 42,990.

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Source: DxOMark
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