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How to make striking poses with Vivo S1 Pro's AI Pose Master?

A lot of tech consumers nowadays look for smartphones with capable cameras so they can shoot striking portraits and upload them to their Instagram and Facebook accounts. 
How to make striking poses with Vivo S1 Pro's AI Posemaster?
Vivo S1 Pro's diamond-shaped cameras

Vivo S1 Pro has an innovative feature that can be useful for those who want to level up their photos.

Upgrade your pose with Vivo S1 Pro

The first "Pro" in its S-series, Vivo S1 Pro is designed with distinct features that one can notice inside and out. Outside, it is made of a glasstic material with a smooth and premium finish. The highlight of its build would be the unique diamond-shaped camera hump.

Under the hood, you can enjoy an ultra-smooth performance thanks to its capable overall specs. In front, it has an AMOLED panel.

On top of the screen, there's a 32MP selfie camera with this device. As it has a lot of good qualities, we can focus on one that is both unique and handy. This is about the built-in AI Pose Master of Vivo S1 Pro.
S1 Pro has an AI Posemaster feature to improve your shots and style
S1 Pro has an AI Pose Master feature to improve your shots and style

How does it work? From various categories, users can have an option of a sample image they want to imitate. After that, the grid lines will guide users to pose according to the chosen image. They just have to follow the lines, take the photo and done with it. 

As S1 Pro AI Pose Master feature has a lot of pose categories.

For the selfie category, pose suggestions are said to be quite useful, as they have detailed instructions for proper angling and fitting position of the hands.
Sample pose suggestion for a selfie
Sample pose suggestion for a selfie

Moreover, the rear camera category is claimed to help users in capturing a stunning mirror shot. No more awkward mirror selfies since directives on the appropriate holding of the camera are included in this one.

In terms of group shots and couple pictures, the Pose Master has fun and wacky pose suggestions. With this feature, one can take a great picture of memorable moments with friends and loved ones.

Fashion-forward users will also love the Vivo's Pose Master as it has categories for numerous get-ups. Whether one is wearing an athletic wardrobe, streetwear or swimsuit, the S1 Pro's Pose Master has a guide, paired with its powerful cameras. 

The Vivo S1 Pro is for PHP 15,999 at all authorized Vivo outlets nationwide. This device is also sold online via Shopee and Lazada.
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