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Xiaomi patents a 2-in-1 Memory card and 5G SIM

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi filed a patent where they made a memory card and SIM in one convenient package.
Additional storage and 5G connectivity in one

Xiaomi is coming up with its own 2-in-1 memory card and SIM

Last year, a Chinese telecom company named Unicom released a 5G super SIM card that was developed in partnership with the Ziguang Group. The card is a combination of 5G SIM and storage 32, 64 or 128 GB that varies upon the model. Xiaomi is also working to produce its own two-in-one SIM and memory card.
  Xiaomi applied for a patent for this technology
Xiaomi applied for a patent for this technology

Based on the documents for the patent application, the Multicard has a pin layout for memory cards on one side and a SIM contact layout on the back. With this, the 2-in-1 card from Xiaomi should offer functions for both communication and storage. It is still not confirmed if Xiaomi wants to use the patent for the consumer sector or other business areas is currently developing this solution. 
 Document for the patent application of Xiaomi
Document for the patent application of Xiaomi

This innovation can have a significant effect on the smartphone industry. It was apparent that most premium flagship smartphones lack memory card slots but provide larger internal storage. With this upcoming technology, it is said to answer the consumer's need for additional storage. Moreover, it is claimed to allow easier transfer of data when changing smartphones.

Take note that this is still a patent filing and there is no confirmation whether this will become a true product in the future.

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