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Samsung begins mass producing 6 and 7nm mobile chips

Samsung announced that it has started mass producing 7nm and 6nm mobile chips via its new V1 semiconductor fabrication line in Hwaseong, Korea.
Samsung begins mass producing 7nm and 6nm mobile chips
7nm based 5G Exynos modems are coming soon!

Samsung's new V1 semiconductor fabrication line

The new fabrication line was built back in February 2018 and started test wafer production in 2019. It is dedicated to EUV lithography technology. It produces chips using process node 7nm and below. By the end of 2020, Samsung would have tripled their 7nm production capacity.

Currently, the V1 line can produce 7nm and 6nm chips but Samsung aims to go and adopt up to the 3nm process node. The company will have invested up to USD 6 billion in the V1 line by the end of 2020. The total capacity of 7nm and below production is expected to triple compared to that of 2019.

The 7nm LPP is 40 percent more area-efficient, 20 percent faster, and is 50 percent less power-hungry compared to the 10nm LPE. This is a more optimal choice for next-gen technology such as 5G, AI, and cars according to Samsung.

The V1 line is the 6th foundry production line for Samsung in Korea and the US. The first products from the production line will be released to customers in the 1st quarter of 2020.

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Sources: FoneArena, Samsung
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