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Huawei bolsters 1+8+N strategy by teaming up with MemoXpress

Huawei is making huge strides towards the fulfillment of its 1+8+N all-scenario strategy by enlisting partners to help them make this vision happen.
Huawei bolsters 1+8+N strategy by teaming up with MemoXpress
In photo: L-R: Johnald Lasquety, MemoXpress Account Head; Jeffrey Wong, Company Consultant; John Sy, General Retail Manager; Edward Tan, VP Operations; George Li, Country Manager Huawei CBG; Kefeng Li, VP of Huawei Global Marketing & Sales Department and joined by the rest of the Huawei Executive Team

MemoXpress and Huawei want to make quality devices available to more Filipinos

The partnership agreement was formalized in Shenzhen, China and was attended by Huawei and MemoXpress executives. Under this agreement, Huawei and MemoXpress, both customer-centric brands, will make more Huawei devices available to more Filipinos.

This will activate Huawei's recently introduced 1+8+N all-scenario hardware ecosystem which will create a seamlessly connected lifestyle for everyone.

Huawei's "1+8+N" strategy: "1" refers to the smartphones, while "8" includes PC, tablet, TV, audio, glasses, watches, locomotives, and headphones. On the other hand, "N" refers to mobile offices, smart homes, sports and health, audio-visual entertainment, and smart travel products.

Huawei plans to execute a seamless AI life in 5 to 10 years, building five intelligent life scenarios for consumers including mobile office, smart home, fitness and health, entertainment, and easy travel. 

This would be possible when consumers have access to quality smartwatches, headphones, PCs, tablets, smart speakers, smart glasses, cars, smart TVs, and more wherein Huawei's partnership with MemoXpress comes in to play.
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