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Rex Book Store initiates FREE "Schoology" for online distance learning

Rex Bookstore has released an online course for schools, colleges, and universities so they can create their own online learning objectives at the same time enhance the student-teacher networks.
Basic FREE Schoology

Distance learning designed for the first-timers on the online classroom

During this COVID-19 pandemic, educators and academic institutions might probably shift to online distance learning as students are stuck at home. Most of the college-level students are said to already adapted to these platforms so lower levels might apply them as a back-up plan. 

The "Designing for Online Distance Learning" by Rex Book Store can build up the existing platforms of the schools and universities. This course is designed to be convenient to use for those teachers who are newbies in distance learning. Aside from that, it will enable students to be more accountable for his/her own progress.

Technology education expert Francis Jim Tuscano shared that there is a misunderstanding that the teachers should simulate the classroom face-to-face experience. He explains,

Online distance learning does not and should not replicate classroom encounters. Instead, teachers can design online learning experiences that sustain interaction and deeper learning through well-planned synchronous and asynchronous, individual or collaborative learning experiences. 

The educator's profound understanding of the environment of his/her students is the center of online learning design. However, the learning experiences should be coordinated with the goals of the educational institution.

In addition, Tuscano stated the two challenges that new online teaches must remember. One is the geographical distance and the other is the student's sense of isolation. He explained further that since students are separated from teachers, they may feel lonely, unmotivated and disconnected. But then, this can be addressed by the amount of interaction and learner engagement.
Step by step process of signing up to Schoology
Step by step process of signing up to Schoology

For those who are interested in the online course, access it by clicking on this link.

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