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YouTube to default to 480p worldwide for a month

YouTube announced that it will default all videos to SD or 480p worldwide for a month.
YouTube to default to 480p worldwide for a month
YouTube to default to 480P worldwide for a month

YouTube defaults to SD for a month

This was first implemented in Europe when apparently networks can't handle all the people streaming at the same time since most people are staying at home to COVID-19 quarantine and restrictions.

This change will be rolling out in the next days and is projected to last for a month. However, the duration is not definite since we don't know if the situation will get better after the one month quarantine.

So, when you start a YouTube video, it will play at 480p SD resolution. No worries, you can still choose the resolution you want but you will always have to do this every single time.

YouTube believes that most people won't go through that procedure which will then relieve the pressure on networks.

What do you guys think?

Source: Bloomberg
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