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TCL flexes a tri-fold and rollable screen phone designs

World's number 2 TV brand TCL is starting to make a name in the smartphone space by introducing products with exciting designs. To keep its momentum strong, the company has just showcased two new concept smartphones with flexible screens.
TCL flexes a tri-fold and rollable screen phone designs
TCL rollable phone

TCL flexes a tri-fold and rollable screen phone designs

The first device foldable smartphone folds in three, while the other one has a rolling display underneath the body.
Tri-fold design
Tri-fold design

The tri-fold phone uses two types of hinge designs, the DragonHinge and ButterflyHinge that folds outwards and inwards. The panels are self-developed by TCL using a flexible AMOLED tech.

This solution will allow a 10-inch tablet to fold into a 6.65-inch smartphone with a 20:8:9 screen aspect ratio and 3K resolution.
The rolling concept phone
The rolling concept phone

The next flexible concept is more futuristic. It is a device with a motorized rollable display that expands sideways where the screen will come out underneath the body of the device. In a push of a button, the 6.75-inch screen will transform into a 7.8-inch display.

The device also has a waterfall-like edge, a dual punch-hole in front, and four more cameras at the back.

According to reports, the concept devices of TCL have no creases, unlike current foldable phones.

These new TCL smartphones that with changing form factors could be great for enhancing multitasking experience and it could let users enjoy a smaller or bigger screen depending on their preference.

There's no word yet when will these concept phones be available in the market and how much will they cost.

Source: GSMArena
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