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Watch: Brother shows how to make face masks as protection against COVID-19

In the light of pandemic virus COVID-19, Brother Philippines shared simple instructions on how to make your own facemasks at home.
Make your own mask

Sew facemasks for you and your family members

Brother Philippines is encouraging homes to make face masks as the supplies of surgical masks and N95 thinned out

To create a facemask, all you need is some spare cloth (preferably with a soft texture), a printer and a sewing machine.

How to make your own face mask?

To start, draft the pattern according to the size of the person who will use the mask, then print it. You may refer to the size chart if you are making one for a baby, a child, or an adult.

The next step is cutting two pieces of the outer fabric according to the attached pattern. Place the pieces together right-side in, then sew them with 1cm seam allowance. After that, iron the edges and do a topstitch.

For the inner fabric, just do the same steps mentioned. If you are finished with the inner and outer fabrics, stitch them together, right side in then proceed with top and bottom.

Afterward, sew the inner mask layer. Fold one edge three times and stitch, perform the same steps on the other side. Only then, you can attach the elastic band. Cut it according to the measurements in the size chart plus 3cm seam allowance. 

Insert the band through the edges of the mask and tie a knot to secure them. The last step is ironing the mask, now it is ready for use.

The company noted that you can use Brother sewing machines to machine-stitch durable masks with tighter stitches.

To have a better understanding of making DIY facemasks you can download the instructions and patterns here.
What we created using the Brother JV1400 sewing machine
What we created using the Brother JV1400 sewing machine

We also tried making one using our own Brother JV1400 and it was fairly easy.

Are you guys excited to sew your own face masks now?
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