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Google Maps now shows routes of FREE hospital shuttle rides for frontliners

In cooperation with the government agencies DOTr and DOH, Google integrates important local information in Map to help medical frontliners in fighting the pandemic disease COVID-19.
Google Map update for hospital workers

Google Maps now shows routes of FREE hospital shuttle rides for frontliners

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has free shuttle services with 19 routes as of the moment. Google Maps include it on the public transport tab thus medical workers can conveniently check their transportation to and from their workplace. Aside from Metro Manila, the routes include San Jose del Monte, Bulacan up to Cabuyao, Laguna.

Medical frontliners must launch first the Google Maps app then type the intended destination and tap the "Directions" button. After that, they should select the "Public Transit Tab" with a train icon as a symbol.

If available, they can see the recommended route that utilizes the  DOTr’s hospital shuttle routes, when available.
Sample route update

The update is said to be helpful for medical workers as they can now calculate their estimated travel time. Also, they can find the best way and schedule to get from their home to their hospital and vice versa. Soon, there will be updates regarding the bus route and more free service from the government. 

Google will also be providing up to USD 5M (around PHP 250M) worth of Search ads credits to Philippine government agencies including the DOH among others to help in the communication of credible and useful information in relation to COVID-19.

Moreover, when an individual type "COVID testing" on Google Search or Maps, it will lead to DOH-certified COVID-19 reference laboratory hospitals nearby. 
Users will be directed to DOH-certified COVID-19 laboratory
Users will be directed to nearest DOH-certified laboratory

However, he/she should refer first to the Screening Tool posted on the DOH COVID-19 website. Aside from that, calling the COVID-19 hotline (02-894-COVID / 02-89426843) is also mandatory.

Also, check the DOH COVID-19 website.

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