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Samsung's Eco-Friendly packaging turns into a cat house

Samsung designed its new TV packaging to be easily assembled into cat houses, magazine racks, and shelving.
Samsung's Eco-Friendly packaging turns into a cat house
Cathouse from Samsung The Sero TV packaging

A new home for your cat?

Magazine or book rack
Magazine or bookrack

Samsung may have been inspired by kids who turn an empty cardboard box into an infinite source of imaginative fun as the Korean giant has designed the packaging for its Lifestyle TVs to be easily converted into practical magazine racks and adorable cat houses.

For materials to be reused or recycled, a massive amount of machinery and factories are needed to break down to a point where the materials can be used for manufacturing again. By designing the packaging to be easily re-used is a smart and practical way that also helps in saving the environment.
Shelving for a DVR or gaming console
Shelving for a DVR or gaming console

To be able to do this, Samsung's TV packaging is now perforated with dot-matrix patterns that make it easier to cut up and reassemble into other objects.

Should a Samsung TV customer be interested in converting their TV boxes into more practical devices, all the customer has to do is scan a QR code on the boxes that link to instruction manuals for turning cardboard into magazine racks, shelving, end tables, and cat houses. It is up to the customer whether they will paint it to their linking.

What do you guys think?

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