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AI features of the Huawei P40 series for great photos

Undoubtedly, the Huawei P40 series is one of the best in terms of mobile photography. Aside from its Ultra Vision Leica camera system, the cameras of the P40 family are equipped with amazing AI features.
AI features of the Huawei P40 Series for great photos
Powerful cameras of P40 series

AI features of the Huawei P40 Series for great photos

The P40, P40 Pro, and P40 Plus come with these unique AI technologies for improving your shots: AI Best Moment, AI Remove Passerby, and AI Remove Reflection.
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The AI Best Moment enables the user to capture moving subjects flawlessly, It can be handy during those times that you moved or blinked accidentally. With this feature, you can simply return and select the previous frame to choose the best shot.

The remaining two features can be used to remove to refine your photos: Remove Passerby and Remove Reflection. As their names suggest, they can delete photobombers and lessen reflection from the glass or window. You can access them by clicking the "Edit" button.

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Cool EMUI 10.1 features of P40 Series

MeeTime is an app that allows high-quality video call experience with your family and friends. With it, you can have a multi-screen collaboration or connect all your devices. It also has a screen-sharing function and action camera for a more immersive view during calls.

Meanwhile, the Huawei share is designed for easy sharing of large files and several photos between smartphones. Both Multi-Device Control Panel and Multi-Window features let you connect to nearby devices and control smart home appliances. In addition to that, you can drag and drop images, text, or even files across multi-windows. You can even reply to messages in a floating window without quitting current video or gaming apps.

In line with Mother's Day celebration, Huawei launched #StayConnectedWithMom promotion.

As part of the promo, you can purchase HUAWEI P40 and P40 Pro 5G for PHP 36,990 and PHP 50,990 respectively. Both devices are packaged with FREE HUAWEI Band 4, 50GB HUAWEI Cloud, Member Center Rewards worth PHP 3,290.
Exciting gadget bundles for your Mom
Exciting gadget bundles for your Mom

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