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Cherry Mobile announces smart IoT devices for pets

Through Cherry Home, Cherry Mobile has launched two new IoT smart products under the Cherry Pet line. It includes the Smart Fountain and the Smart WiFi Feeder with HD Camera.
Cherry Mobile announces smart IoT devices for pets
The new Cherry Pet line

Cherry Pet Smart WiFi Feeder

Cherry Pet Smart WiFi Feeder
Cherry Pet Smart WiFi Feeder

The Cherry Mobile Smart WiFi Feeder will allow you to feed, view, and talk to your fur babies anytime and anywhere.

It can let its users set and schedule the meal of their pets and it will drop based on the scheduled time. The smart feeder has up to 3.7L of food capacity that is good enough for small or medium-sized pets such as dogs and cats.

It also has a built-in 720p camera to allow users to capture photos and videos of their pets even at home. There's a speaker function to allow its users to talk to their fur babies.

The feeder measures 352 x 246 x 230 mm and weighs 2.2 kg.

Cherry Pet Smart Fountain

Cherry Pet Smart Fountain
Cherry Pet Smart Fountain

Next is the Cherry Pet Smart Fountain which will allow your pets to enjoy clean and purified water all the time. It comes with a UV light that kills water bacteria with a 99.7 percent Sterilization Rate. The device also goes with a filter to ensure that the water coming from it is safe and healthy for your pets.

The Smart Fountain also has a timer so the water will flow at a scheduled time. It supports up to 2L of water.

The device measures 208 x 198 x 181 mm and weighs 1.22 kg.

Both devices can be are WiFi-enabled and can be accessed and controlled on your mobile phone. You can also turn them on and off using your smartphone. These devices could be great for pet owners with a hectic lifestyle.

I'm so happy that our newest collaboration with Cherry is now available, the Cherry Pet Smart WiFi Feeder and Smart Fountain. It's really a convenient way to feed your pets, especially for working fur parent like me. With these Cherry Pet products, you can make sure that your fur babies have food and clean water round the clock. The best part is that it has a built-in camera which works on Wi-Fi so you can always check on them, and stay connected with them, says Heart Evangelista-Escudero, also known to be a doting fur parent.

Price and availability

The Cherry Pet Smart WiFi Feeder and Cherry Pet Smart Fountain come with an introductory price of PHP 5,000 each. You can get them at the official Cherry Home store at Shopee and Lazada.
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