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Huawei sees growth in non-smartphone products

Technology giant Huawei sees opportunities in its non-smartphone products despite the weaker performance of its mobile business. 
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Huawei now banks on non-smartphone products

Huawei investing heavily in non-smartphone products

The Chinese firm said that while its smartphone segment was affected by the absence of Google mobile services, its non-smartphone products, such as wearables, headphones, PC, tablet, speakers, glasses, vehicle-mounted devices, and Huawei Vision, are gaining momentum. 

As a result, when the smartphone business is at a low ebb, the growth of non smartphone businesses can partially offset the impact brought by the decline of the overseas smartphone business, Huawei said. 

In the first three months of 2020, the company successfully secured the second spot in the global market, with 49 million shipments. 

Huawei attributed the success to its continuous investment in research and development, allowing it to lead in the technology space with strengths like Fifth Generation, own operating system, and powerful chips like Kirin, Balong, Kunpeng, Ling Xiao.

Its budget for research and development for 2020 increased by 39 percent to USD 20 billion.

Huawei's long-term philosophy is to stay customer centric. In Huawei's core values, to be irreplaceable, it must better meet users' needs and focus on creating values for them. To do so, Huawei invests heavily in R&D, Huawei said.

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