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Vivo PH shares 4 ways to be physically active at home

At this point in time, many are trying to cope with negative feelings like anxiety, depression, and boredom brought by the extended lockdown. One way to do it gets your body moving and adopt an active lifestyle even you're at home.
Vivo PH shares 4 ways to be physically active at home
Stay active with your Vivo device, workout apps, TikTok and more

Vivo PH shared useful tips for maintaining an active lifestyle

Most gyms and sports facilities won't be opening anytime soon due to the risk of spreading the deadly COVID 19. But then, it's still important to exercise and shave the pounds you gained from stress eating and lethargic.

To help you get back to your fit shape once again even while at home, Vivo Philippines has recently shared a few tips and tricks. Read on.

1. Start with simple activities - Strict exercise routines without warming up can do harm to your body. So as for a beginner, it would be best to engage yourself in light exercises like cleaning the house or meditation. Meditating is a great way to make sure that your mind is in harmony with your body.

2. Download workout apps - The Vivo app store has workout apps that are packed with programs and exercises. Aside from that, you can try apps that include High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs. Even the quick workouts only last for ten minutes, it is intense enough like you had long cardio exercise.
Vivo app store is loaded with workout apps for you to choose from
Vivo app store is loaded with workout apps for you to choose from

3. Head to Facebook for live workout videos For additional motivation from others, you can join your friends on Facebook for a live workout. Also, there are Facebook pages of different gyms around the city that offer both free and paid live online workout classes like yoga and shadow boxing. It's just a matter of choice whether to exercise with strangers or bond with your friends.

4. Try Tik-Tok dance challenges Tiktok became an online trend during the enhanced community quarantine and many users uploaded dance challenges in this platform. Try engaging in a dance workout by imitating those challenges and you'll surely have a good workout.

With just a few taps on your Vivo devices, you can download Facebook and a lot of workout apps from the Vivo app store to maintain an active lifestyle.

Do you know other ways how to stay active and fit? Feel free to share!
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