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Meizu gives sneak peek of 17 series' new features through teasers

The Meizu 17 series of smartphones is almost among us and while we wait for these devices to be officially released, the Chinese brand teased on social media features that we should look forward to.
Meizu gives sneak peek of 17 series' new features through teasers
Meizu 17 series features teased in banner ads

129-degree ultra-wide camera, dual ultra-linear stereo speakers, and mEngine 3.0 headline the Meizu 17 series

Before its May 8 release, we now have a clue on what the Meizu 17 series would be like and which smartphone users it will be targeting.

Through a series of banner ads, Meizu has revealed key specifications of its newest smartphone. First, users can expect is a 129-degree ultra-wide camera working alongside a 32MP sensor. Apart from possibly having the widest ultra-wide cameras at present, reports also say that the Meizu 17 series will be capable of 4-to-1 pixel-binning.

For audiophiles, meanwhile, they can look forward to third-generation "dual ultra-linear stereo speakers. This will allow the Meizu 17 series to produce a sound that can compare to a regular Bluetooth speaker as it is capable of "maximum output with minimal distortion."

Apart from the previously introduced features such as a 90Hz screen, 64MP quad-camera, Wi-Fi 6, and 4,500mAh battery, the Meizu M17 series will also be sporting the mEngine 3.0 horizontal linear motor. This feature provides accurate and powerful haptic feedback.

As for the pricing of the Meizu 17 and 17 Pro, we'll just have to wait for the official launch.

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