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OnePlus disables X-ray vision mode of OnePlus 8 Pro

Remember the "unintended" X-ray feature using the Photochrome filter of the OnePlus 8 Pro? OnePlus has decided to temporarily disable it globally.


Photochrome filter disabled

Through a software update with the build number 10.5.9.IN11AA for Oxygen OS, the Photochrome filter will be "temporarily removed" for adjustment.
Update screenshots
Update screenshots

To recall, OnePlus 8 Pro's Photochrome mode which uses an IR camera can see through some plastics and thin clothing. It is a controversial feature that creating privacy concerns around the world.

OnePlus previously said in a statement that while they think that the camera feature gives its users the ability to be more creative with smartphone photography, they understand the concerns that have been raised.

The update is expected to reach global users in a matter of time. The company detailed the exact "adjustment" it will make to the Photochrome filter.

Hopefully, it cannot see through some plastics and thin clothing anymore. The update is 157MB big in India and 121MB large in China.

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Source: OnePlus, Via: XDA
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