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OnePlus 8 Pro's cameras feature unintended X-ray vision

Users have discovered that the OnePlus 8 Pro's new cameras have an unintended effect of seeing through certain objects with the infrared "Photochrome" color filter.
OnePlus 8 Pro's cameras features unintended X-ray vision
Normal photo mode to Photochrom color filter from Ben Geskin's Twitter

Unintended X-ray vision-like effect?

Recently, OnePlus 8 Pro users have found an unintended camera feature when switching to the "Photochrome" color filter when pointed to specific objects.

The Verge claims that it only works with very thin black polycarbonate surfaces. When these conditions have been met, the camera with the Photochrome color filter can see through thin Black polycarbonate surfaces. 

It is good to know that the unintended feature can not see through thicker and sturdier plastics.

As seen from Ben Geskin's tweet with an attached video above that demonstrates the "x-ray vision" like feature.

Unbox Therapy also tackled the issue in a YouTube video that shows that it can see through certain types of clothes that caused an uproar in the online community.

OnePlus has yet to address the concern with a statement or a fix. The Verge says that OnePlus is more likely to restrict the feature through a software update. 

A similar scandal with Sony happened in the 1990s where the Japanese company had to recall camcorders that included night vision that could see-through clothing.

Announced in April 2020, the OnePlus 8 Pro caught the attention of its customers because of its now IP68 rated body, 30W Warp Charge, and the 120Hz display. It even features a 48MP f/1.78 main camera, 48MP f/2.2 120-degree ultra-wide-angle camera, Super Macro camera, 8MP f/2.4 3x optical zoom telephoto camera and a 5MP f/2.4 color filter camera with a dual-tone LED flash.

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What do you guys think?

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