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3 advantages of realme 6 Pro's 90Hz screen

Realme 6 Pro is the latest in the brand's line of bang-for-the-back devices. One of its key features is the 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display.
3 Advantages of realme 6 Pro's 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display
Realme 6 Pro

3 advantages of realme 6 Pro's 90Hz screen

1. Smoother UI animations - The first and most noticeable change from 60Hz to 90Hz is the animations and transitions.

The UI feels faster and smoother which will then overall improve your productivity and experience.

You will get to your apps faster and navigation will be easier.
Better gaming experience
Better gaming experience

2. Better gaming experience - In terms of gaming, a faster refresh rate is always a must-have. The bare minimum to target in terms of PC gaming is 60fps on a 60Hz screen for a smoother experience as well as to improve your reaction time.

On realme 6 Pro, games that support HFR or High Frame Rate mode will greatly benefit from the 90Hz refresh rate.

You can easily react and track enemies on Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG and you can also easily dodge skill shots on Mobile Legends.
Smoother transitions
Smoother transitions

3. Better motion resolution - When scrolling your Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter feed, you may see some smearing of the images and texts at 60Hz.

Switching to 90Hz, you can see that doing the same thing will produce a smoother and clearer overall image quality even when moving. This is because the screen refreshes the images more frequently.

Some may think that battery life may suffer because of this, but it has an option to automatically select the best screen refresh rate for an app.

I'll activate the 90Hz refresh rate if needed and it will use the lower 60Hz refresh rate when 90Hz is not needed to conserve battery life.

In our actual test, the 4,300mAh battery of the phone can still last for a day of heavy usage on a single charge.

Realme 6 Pro is scheduled to arrive in the Philippines on May 27. There is no word about the SRP yet still though.

What do you guys think?
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