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Watch: OPPO Evangelion CGI commercial is the EVA movie we deserve

A new CGI video ad for the OPPO Evangelion collaboration collection was released which depicts the deployment of the EVA-01 Test-Type.
Watch: OPPO Evangelion CGI commercial is the EVA movie we deserve
EVA-01 Test Type in CGI

Evangelion themed OPPO products

OPPO releases Evangelion-branded Ace2, AirVOOC, Enco W31, and Watch!
OPPO Ace2 EVA-01, OPPO Enco W31 EVA-00 and OPPO Watch EVA-02

Evangelion themed OPPO Ace2, Enco W31, Watch and AirVOOC wireless charger was recently spotted for sale on OPPO China's official online store. A day after, the official CGI video commercial was spotted on YouTube wherein it depicts the iconic dystopian landscape is being attacked by an Angel which results in Gendo ordering the deployment of the EVA-01 Test Type with Shinji piloting inside the Entry Plug.

After the CGI is the unboxing of the OPPO Ace2 Evangelion edition where the phone and it inclusions were revealed. The phone and its inclusions were inside an "Entry-Plug" and among the accessories was a "Spear of Longinus" SIM tray ejector tool.

The Evangelion themed OPPO products are limited to 10,000 units worldwide and are now available for purchase in China. There is no word yet if these products will arrive in the Philippines. Nor is there information PH pricing.

There is hope as the previous OPPO Reno Ace Gundam Edition arrived in the Philippines.

What do you guys think?

Source: YouTube
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