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Google outs Android 11 Beta, here are its 5 best features

Google today released the Android 11 beta, the preview of the company's upcoming major OS update.
Google outs Android 11 Beta, here are its 5 best features
Android 11 Beta

Google outs Android 11 Beta

Android said that the first Beta of Android 11 focuses on three key themes: People, Controls, and Privacy.
The new OS will now be more people-centric with Conversation notifications, Buubles, Consolidated keyboard suggestions, and Voice Access.

It will also have an easier Device Controls and Media Controls as well as improved Privacy features. Android 11 will have One-time permission, Permissions auto-reset, Background location, and Google Play System Updates.

There is an all-new Google Play Console to help developers grow their business.

For us, here are its top new features:

1. One-Time Permissions
2. Bubbles (Facebook Messenger Chat heads for all messaging/chat apps)
3. New Conversation category in Notifications
4. Updated Persistent MediaPlayer controls across UI
5. Redesigned Power Menu

The changes coming from Android 10 are subtle, but the Android 11 updates seem to be the refinements we need to make the overall Android experience better.

If you want to try the new Android 11 Beta, you may visit this link to enroll in your device.

Currently, the phones that work with Android 11 Beta are the following: Pixel 2, 2 XL, Pixel 3, 3XL, Pixel 3A, 3A XL, and Pixel 4, 4 XL.

Expect it to be available in more devices soon.

Source: Android
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