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J&T Express addressed "package-throwing" viral video

Local courier J&T Express has drawn flak of the netizens due to a viral video showing how its crew mishandled parcels.
J&T Express addressed "package-throwing" viral video
The crew of J&T Express throwing the parcels to the delivery truck

An "isolated" case of mishandling the packages

A local courier yesterday issued a statement to clarify the alleged mishandling of parcels that were apparent in a video circulating online. There's a recording of its staff who were carelessly throwing the pile of packages onto a delivery truck.

Netizens had a mixed reaction about the said video as some understood the J&T Express’s side but many are expressing anger over the manner they are handling the parcels. Aside from the careless throwing of the packages, netizens have also called out personnel’s lack of uniforms and proper protective gear like face masks and gloves.

To explain their side of the story, the courier company said that the complaints reached them and they are taking responsibility for the negligence. Also, J&T clarified that this is an isolated case, explaining that the rest of J&T Express branches and warehouses across the country does not exhibit the same concerns. 
J&T Express claims that the rest of the branches are handling packages with proper care
J&T Express claims that the rest of the branches are handling packages with proper care

Those branches are said to implement a 24/7 monitoring. They also follow strict protocols in handling the shipments and ensure that these are handled with proper care. 

In the statement, the company said that they have already identified all the involved personnel in the video. According to J&T Express, proper sanctions will be given to them accordingly. They added further.

We thank all individuals, especially our customers and employees, for their continuous and trust and support. As a way of showing our gratitude, we are planning to provide incentives for such actions.

A  lot of us are thriving in online shopping nowadays, whether as consumers or sellers. This incident is a good wake-up call for couriers to implement more safety guidelines in handling parcels.

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