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TikTok to update App after spying allegations on Apple iOS 14

Security researchers Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk have recently found out that one of the apps that are raising security concerns is TikTok. 
TikTok to update App after spying allegations on Apple iOS 14
TikTok catches flak

TikTok to fix the clipboard access issues

There's a newly released clipboard warning in the iOS 14 beta version that states TikTok appears to be invading the privacy of its users.

The platform promised that it is committed to protect the privacy and be transparent about how the app works. TikTok also said that it is hiring expert consultants to their Transparency Center this year.

Previously, a TikTok spokesperson revealed the problem of the company having access to clipboards of its users. This means if the app is active on your phone, it can read anything and everything you copy on another device: passwords, work documents, sensitive emails, financial information. 

The spokesperson explained to the source that the issue comes from Google Ads SDK. They claim that TikTok, on the other hand, does not have data access. According to the statement, they are in the process of updating o that the third-party SDK will no longer have access.

According to the security researchers, Apple dismissed the issue and reported an explanation that iOS is capable of blocking those risks. However, they countered those statements by saying that the mechanisms are not enough to protect user privacy. They further added, 

There was a tremendous public interaction with the topic—not only iOS users but also Android users demand more restriction and transparency about the apps that use the system-wide clipboard.

The reminded that All iPhone users should update to the latest version of TikTok as soon as it’s rolled-off and be cautious in using the app before the update release.

For Android users, there's no news yet if this is a recurring risk.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Forbes
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