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House denies ABS-CBN franchise

The House of Representatives' Committee on Legislative Franchises has denied the franchise application of ABS-CBN Corp on Friday.
House denies ABS-CBN franchise
File photo: ABS-CBN logo

House denies ABS-CBN franchise

Out of the 85 voting members, 70 voted in favor of "Resolution Denying the Franchise Application of ABS-CBN Corporation to Construct, Install, Establish, Operate, and Maintain Radio and Broadcasting Stations in the Philippines.

11 lawmakers voted in favor of ABS-CBN, 1 abstained, and 2 are inhibited.

The decision means that the ABS-CBN franchise was put to an end. It will no longer advance to the plenary level.

House legislative franchises panel chair and Palawan 1st District Representative Franz Alvarez said that the TV giant can appeal the decision within the next 24 hours. 

The House committee will have to hold another hearing before ruling on the appeal if the network files a motion for reconsideration.

To recall, 
ABS-CBN went off the air back on May 5, 2020, after the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) order to halt its broadcasting operations in the country.

The media giant was also ordered by the NTC to stop its SKY Direct broadcasts.

If you want to watch ABS-CBN programs online, you may visit this link.

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