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PSBank mobile app unveils new Time Deposit placement feature

The PSBank mobile app has a new feature that allows Time Deposit placement from home. This is a new feature designed to adjust in the new normal way of living due to COVID-19.
PSBank mobile app unveils new Time Deposit placement feature
PSBank offers mobile Time Deposit placements feature

PSBank Mobile Time Deposit placement now available

This is a digital service that allows clients to open Peso Time Deposits from the comfort of their homes. It is available via mobile app 24/7. With this service, clients no longer have to risk COVID-19 exposure just to invest their extra funds.

The PSBank Peso Time Deposit is an investment option for customers who may have excess funds and are willing to set them aside over an extended period of time ranging from 30, 60, or 90 days. It has guaranteed fixed-rate returns. The interest rates for TD placements are based on the client's total TD balance meaning the bigger the balance, the higher the interest rates.

Here is how you can do the TD placement via PSBank Mobile App:

  • Log in to your PSBank Mobile App
  • Click "View My Accounts"
  • Tap on "Create a Transaction"
  • Tap on "Place Time Deposit"
  • Enter the amount, term, and maturity instruction.

The minimum placement is PHP 10,000 is required to open a Peso Time Deposit account. Clients can also choose between their Checking or Savings account as the source of investment funds.

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