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Tianma Microelectronics announced the world's first full-screen fingerprint reader

Chinese manufacturer Tianma Microelectronics is going to release TED FingerPrint (TFP) as the first-ever multi-point, in-screen fingerprint solution for LCD screens.
Tianma Microelectronics announced the world's first full-screen fingerprint reader
TED FingerPrint works on any part of the device's screen

The world's first full-screen fingerprint reader for LCD screens

The TED FingerPrint was able to make the entire surface of the screen a single scanner. As a result, the user will no longer have to aim a certain area on the display with his/her finger.

According to Tianma, they made this technology possible by a fingerprint image capture device embedded in a TFT display substrate. This also means that it was the first time combined the three functions of touch, display, and fingerprint recognition into one.

Moreover, the manufacturer covers the entire display with an optical path and sensor. They equipped the fingerprint reader with a sensor based on a glass substrate that has no size limitation.

TFP also features a fingerprint multi-point identification of the entire screen at any display area, which can be applied to blind unlock of the whole screen, APP encryption and unlock, and custom fingerprint control. By touching the icon of a fingerprint-protected app, it will result in a one-time reading of the fingerprint to identify the owner.

Allegedly, another benefit of this full-screen fingerprint reader is the high screen-to-body ratio. As the reader is already built-in with the display, it is claimed to increase the screen-to-body ratio of the product.

Tianma reported that TED FingerPrint is ready for mass production. Aside from that, the company is already sending a sample of devices to reputable brands.

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