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5 features that make the ACE 32" LED 808-DN4 TV a good buy

Undeniably, there's a need to invest in a good TV if you're staying at home most of the time. It does not have to be an extravagant purchase, but you have to look at quality and functionality.
5 features that make the ACE 32" LED 808-DN4 TV a good buy
ACE 32-inch LED 808-DN4 is a budget-friendly television

5 features that make the ACE 32" LED 808-DN4 TV a good buy

One thing that this pandemic has taught us is we have this innate need to keep ourselves entertained and informed about what's happening around us. To do that, we can browse on the Internet or watch shows on our television. 

There's even a proposal to use TV networks to air educational shows for blended learning of students. So even with all the gadgets, laptops and new devices, you must at least own a basic TV.

If you're planning to buy a new one, the ACE 32 inch LED TV might be the best deal you can get for below PHP 5K. Here's why: 

1. Modern look and slim build - This LED TV is a great fit if your room is kind of small and crowded with other stuff. Although the wall mount is not included in the packaging, there's an option to do so. It's good to know that it has a thin profile even with the plastic build.
Thin design and lightweight
Thin design and lightweight

At first, I had a small issue about the thinness of the TV stands included, they appear a little flimsy. But then, I realized they do enough job of supporting the body. As for the unit itself, it's light and easy to assemble. It's not a smart TV so there's no need for additional configuration.

The good thing about a lightweight TV is you can easily transfer it to other places or rooms.
Pleasant viewing experience
Pleasant viewing experience

2. The display has decent details vivid colors enough colors for the price - Note that this TV has only 720p resolution, not a full HD (1080p), and this acceptable in this price range. It still delivers a decent performance in terms of visuals, colors, and contrast.

Another plus factor of this ACE 32 inch TV is its great viewing angle. Even in a slightly slanted position, I can still have enough glimpse of the content.
A lot of options for connection
A lot of options for connection

3. Connectivity options - It's important for a TV to include many ports as possible since it will provide choices for users. This ACE TV has a great of ports since you can connect it through the following: composite audio/video, HDMI, PC VGA, PC Audio, TF Card, Audio Out, RF In, USB, and Coaxial.

Since I mentioned earlier that it has a fine screen quality, this can also be used as a monitor. Aside from that, it can be a suitable gaming companion if you want to use it with a console such as Nintendo Switch or PS4.

This TV is not only for watching series or shows, but also handy for gaming and work.

4. Smart energy-saving feature - You wouldn't want a high electricity bill to surprise you and the great news is this TV is designed to consume 50 watts. You can further reduce its power consumption by adjusting the brightness. Doing this will lessen eye fatigue especially if you're using it in dim or dark rooms.

5. Wallet-friendly price tag - Needless to say, the ACE 32" LED TV is pretty affordable compared to other brands.

You do not have to spend so much since it is currently on sale for just only PHP 4,480 (from its original price of PHP 7,000). It has a one-year warranty and you can purchase it with a cash-on-delivery option.

If you are interested to know more about this TV, you can visit ACE's official Lazada page here.

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