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Globe has funds for network upgrades, explains tower building process

In 2020 alone, Globe Telecom has allotted 1.2 billion (around PHP 63 billion) capex to improve its network. But even if the company has the budget for upgrades, the process of building a cell site in the Philippines is not that easy.
Globe has funds for network upgrades, explains tower building process
Infographic from Globe

At least 9 months and 29 permits for a single cell site

In a Facebook post, the GlobeICON page shared an infographic explaining the tower building process in the country. It showed that Globe needs 9 months and a total of 29 permits just to construct a single cell tower.

Here's how it works:

1. Lessor & right of way negotiations (Land Title, Tax Declaration, Tax Clearance, Contract of Lease) - 4 documents, 1 to 2 months
2. Social acceptability - Home Owners' Association, Neighbors' Consent - 3 permits, 1 to 2 months
3. Barangay Permit - 1 permit, 1 month
4. Different national permits - DENR, LLDA, CAAP, DOH, PCSD, BFAR, NCIP, FLAG, PAMB, PENRO, CLENRO, MARO, DPWH - 9 to 14 permits, 3 to 12 months
5. Different structural permits - 13 permits, 3 to 5 months
6. Construction time

That's 29 to 35 permits or 9 to 22 months of building time just for a single tower.

Fortunately, thanks to the urge of Globe Telecoms President and CEO Ernest Cu, the Philippine government is already working on a solution to this problem.

A Joint Memorandum Circular from ARTA, DICT, DILG, DPWH, CAAP, DOH, and the FDA will make the issuance of permits a lot easier and will now be streamlined.

If that resolution will materialize, there will be fewer permits and it will just take a maximum of 20 days to grant the permits.

Source: Globe
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