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Host virtual parties with the Huawei MatePad and Huawei Sound X.

If there's one sure thing we all miss in this period of lockdown, it's the freedom to sit down with all your loved ones and just enjoy each other’s company. While gatherings are still not allowed, you can still have quality time with your friends and loved ones from the comfort of your home!
The Huawei MatePad is great for video calls

Play online group games, video call parties and more with Huawei

Modern problems, modern solutions! Right? Up your virtual party game with your Huawei Matepad and Huawei Sound X. With the Huawei Matepad's 10.4-inch FullView display with 2k resolution, you won’t ever miss a moment. Pair this with the Huawei Sound X to make any virtual hangout life like. We're not done yet. 

Sharing embarrassing photos of friends? 

Switch to Viber! Find Viber on your Huawei AppGallery and download. When it comes to funny photos you want to share with your friend group or sensitive information such as bank details, you can trust Viber to keep you information safe.

This app uses safe encryption which means you are well guarded from the internet’s prying eyes. Make use of Huawei Matepad’s 4-microphone system for crystal clear calls, no more "can you guys hear me?."

Even when moving from one location to another, the camera stays on you thanks to built in features such as FollowCam, Smart View, and Spotlight Mode.

Movie nights on Zoom!

If you think Zoom is only good for web conferencing, think again! You can also host movie nights on this app. Using the "Share Screen" feature, you and your loved ones can watch shows and movies on iFlix, Viu or iWant together, regardless of the distance and even make fun commentaries while you’re at it. All these apps are available on the Huawei AppGallery. 

Virtual hangout sesh on Zoom

And of course, Zoom wouldn't be Zoom if you don't use it to "meet up" and connect with your friends. Settle for a cozy night in, order your favorite food and create a Zoom link through you Huawei MatePad. What’s more, you can even have your Spotify party playlist running in the background. Just download the app through Huawei Petal Search Widget. It's that easy.

Designated virtual party DJ? Play tunes with Huawei Sound X

Blast music through your Huawei Sound X HiFi speaker. With six powerful tweeters, you can enjoy online charades, karaoke, dance offs and more like it’s the real deal.

Sounds like a plan? The Huawei MatePad retails for PHP 20,990 while Huawei Sound X is priced at PHP 19,990.
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