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Instagram is now allowing users scan QR codes to visit profiles

Instagram has introduced a new feature that will make it easier for a user to access others' profiles and possibly follow them.
Instagram is now allowing users scan QR codes to visit profiles
Easily search accounts of other people or businesses

The Universal QR code feature takes the place of Nametags

The photo-sharing app has released a universal QR code capability that will let you find, check out, and follow people's profiles. This serves as a replacement to the Nametag feature, the one that lets a user follow accounts by scanning the emoji-filled QR code.

The difference between them is that the new universal QR codes can be used via any camera app to access others' Instagram profile. Meanwhile, Nametags only works with Instagram's built-in camera.

To recall, WhatsApp also has a similar QR code functionality that has been launched recently. The QR code option lets a user easily add other people to the app without the need to save their numbers first.

Instagram brought this capability in Japan first last year but it is now being rolled out for global users. Business owners can print their QR code so their customers can scan it to open their Instagram account easily. People will view enough information about the shop like store hours or how to order, and others.

To generate or create your own QR code, open first the app, and go directly to the  Settings menu. After that, choose the QR code option present below the 'Your Activity' option. Once selected, Instagram will direct you to emoji-clad QR code with your profile's name below it. This is where you can modify the look of your Instagram QR code. Tap the Color, Emoji, or Selfie options located at the top. 

In addition to that, you can select the Share option (in the top right corner) to share the QR code with others via other apps. If you want to view and follow other accounts, choose the 'Scan QR Code' option to scan theirs.

What do you think of this new feature?

Source: The Verge
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