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TSMC accelerates 5nm mass production, announces 3nm is coming on 2022

At its annual Technology Symposium, TSMC President Wei Zhejia earlier confirmed that the company's 7nm shipments have already hit the 1 billion unit milestone and they are now accelerating the mass production of the 5nm process.
TSMC accelerates 5nm mass production, announces 3nm is coming on 2022
Image from: Taipei Times

5nm, 3nm, 2nm development plans

TSMC confirmed that the higher version of the 5 nanometers will enter mass production in 2021 and its 3nm process will be mass production by H2 2022.

Wei Zhejia said that 5nm speed is increased by 15 percent with 30 percent reduction by 3 percent and transistor density is increased by 80 percent versus 7nm.

On the other hand, 3nm will increase the speed by 15 percent, power consumption by 30 percent, and transistor density by 70 percent compared to 5nm.

TSMC is not stopping there. The company revealed that it is now building a new R&D center for its 2nm process and they'll need about 8,000 enginers to make it possible.

2nm is said to be a massive upgrade coming from 3nm.

The location of the new R&D center hasn't been revealed yet, but there are reports that it could be in the Nanke Industrial Park. TSMC recently purchased the plant for NTD 3.65 billion.
Due to a huge increase in orders, TSMC has invested billions of New Taiwan dollars in purchasing land to expand production this year.

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